About Me



I worked full time in information technology up until 1997. I then divided my time between a computer consultant and an educator. I found that by continuing to work in the field I was able to share current practice and real-world examples with my students.

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I feel at home working at every level within an organisation. At the director level I learn about the strategic direction of management team, relate that to current trends in information technology, and then advise accordingly. At a technical level I understand how each person's area of expertise contributes to the organisation.

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In any work that is varied as mine it is inevitable that some tasks require heavy use of teamwork, while other tasks are essentially solo. I move freely between both extremes.

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Self Motivated

I am a self-starter. If I see an opportunity that can be seized or an issue that needs to be addressed I start moving on it straight away. If it requires the help and support of other people, I involve them from the outset.

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Finding Answers and Solving Problems

Every project has questions that need to be answered and problems that need to be solved during its lifetime. It delights me to contribute my own expertise to other team members, as well as finding answers for them.

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